Solar Best ESS 12KWH/6.25KVA All-In-One Lithium Battery Inverter System

  • Model No: 12KWH/6.25KVA
  • Battery Capacity: 12000W
  • Rated Output Power: 5000W
  • Peak Output: 7500W
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
  • 5 years warranty


Solar Best ESS 12KWH/6.25KVA All-In-One Lithium Battery Inverter System – With the Energy Storage System (ESS) systems from Solar best, you have energy, always and everywhere. What makes Solar bests systems unique is that they are completely pre-configured and are equipped with all components that enable you to always have an energy supply with you in an easy and simple way.


Due to the unique properties of ESS systems, you can use the sets for off-grid applications in places where no power connection is available. The ESS systems are available in 3.2kWh, 4kWh, 6.5kWh, 8.0kWh, 12kWh, 32kWh or modular with any desired battery capacity. The sets are fully pre-configured with Solar best’s own BMS and equipped with an AC charger, solar power charger (MPPT), AC inverter, color display with interface and Lithium-ion battery. All you have to do is to roll out an extension cord and connect it to end-users. You can, of course, connect solar panels to the system.

Backup system / UPS

With the ESS sets, homeowners can expand their own PV installation so that they can continue to supply their home with power in the event of a power outage or shutdown. In the event of a power failure, the ESS systems automatically switch to island operation so that power supply remains guaranteed. Both existing and new installations can be expanded with these sets.

Increase own consumption

By choosing the right setting, you can ensure that your self-consumption of energy that you generate yourself jumps up. During the day, the battery is charged by solar energy. Energy from the ESS is used in the evening hours. If this is not enough, you can set the system so that the ESS is only charged by the grid when, for example, a low rate starts. Now energy is often supplied back to the grid.

Supply power back

It is of course also possible to supply power back to the grid. When the ESS is full, the surplus energy goes back to the grid.

Why ESS from Solar best?

• Sustainable, you save your own energy, CO2 neutral!

• Energy independent

o Can be used with or without PV installation

o Can be used as a backup / UPS

o Can be used to increase own consumption

o Can be used as an on / off-grid system

• Fully plug & play

• Lithium-ion battery

• Functional, mobile, portable and does not have to be hung

• Multiple models available

• 5 years warranty

Specifications For Solar Best ESS 12KWH/6.25KVA

Model No.


Battery Capacity 12000W
Battery Type Li-ion Battery(Korea Samsung)
Rated Voltage 52V
Rated Output Power 5000W
Peak Output 7500W
Output Voltage 230V
Output Frequency 50Hz
Overload Ability 120%<load<130% @10min;
130%<load<150% @10s
UPS Function YES
Off Grid YES
Max Efficiency 92%(>70% Load)
AC Charge
Input Voltage 88~264Vac
Power Factor ≥0.94(full load)
Input Frequency 50Hz±5%
Max Charge Power 4500W
Max Efficiency >92%
PV Charge
Max Input Power 5400W
Start-up Voltage 75Vdc
N0. MPPT Amount 2
MPPT Input Voltage 75~140 Vdc
Max Input Voltage 150 Vdc
MPPT Efficiency 99.50%
Max Efficiency >96%
Solar Charging Model MPPT
Product Dimension 779X350X912MM
Net Weight 239kg
Gross Weight


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